Autistic Hipster
Impaired social interactions with restrictive and repetitive photographs.
Autistic Hipster
Joan enjoying a short, quiet stop for contemplation before the train arrives and whisks her aways to new adventures.
Joan the Ordinary Trashcan is on a journey of self discovery. Here’s a picture she sent me from Stockholm’s University. I wish her all the luck in the world.
At first glance this might look like a common trashcan, but if you look closer you’ll realise that it is in fact a ordinary trashcan!      Joan here assures me that there is in fact a significant difference.
This is Sten, he lives just outside a small Swedish village. When I asked him where he thought he’d be in five years he answered: “I’m not going anywhere!”.
Watching, waiting, high on his wall. No one knows who he is. Maybe he won’t tell them, or maybe they didn’t ask.
This is Danny, he was far to young. But isn’t everyone?
This is Herbert. They call him a war hero, but he doesn’t feel particularly heroic. What kind of Hero lets his friends die in front of him?
Nalle in his home. In the background, a panorama of abandoned dreams.